Portfolio Reflections 1

These two designs were created for my first assignment of my design course. The context was a pop-up travelling design exhibition called Unfold: A celebration of design through time. I had to create two different postcard invitations, each featuring a different element of design and using a handmade aesthetic. Postcard 1 was inspired by the Art Nouveau design movement and features the design element of line. As Art Nouveau was heavily present in France, I chose to use the French translation of unfold; Se Derouler. I used several found elements to create what I intended to be a woman with flowing hair wearing a dress. However, it looked much more like a duck in the end. Postcard two was inspired by Pop Art and featured the design element of colour. I used coloured thumbtacks following a tetradic colour scheme to spell out the characters of unfold. I pushed the tacks into a cushion and then put masking tape around them. I photographed each character and assembled them in Photoshop. It is evident in the designs that I am still quite novice in my knowledge of the major design software, however, it is an area I am rapidly gaining expertise in through my design course and own experimentation.

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